PC Knights Offers:

Computer Support
Remote Computer Support
Computer Networking
Web Site Development

PC Knights is now TechKnowledge

New Site our new site is at: www.techknowledge.repair

Computer Support would mean support for all the computers in your office. This could be many things; a virus that needs to be removed, a computer that isn't starting, a laptop with fall damage. Even if all you need is a simple question to be answered we can be there for you.

Remote Computer Support: Computer problems can happen fast, and you need a resolution fast. PC Knights does not need to come out to your office for minor software problems. We can connect to your computer remotely. Fix the problem, and get you back to work in a fraction of the time.

Servers are a central computer that can host computer services like; file sharing, remote file access, e-mail, websites, and much more. Stop sending files through e-mail, and get a server. It is a secure location, with redundant hardware. It can also be much more affordable then you think.

Computer Networking is the back bone of your office. When is is down, so is your office. It doesn't matter if it is wired, or wireless we can repair them both. We also offer installation. From a small office needing to share Internet, to a large building.

Web Site Development can be extremely time consuming and difficult. The page you are looking at is a great example of our work. The rates are very cost effective, and start off at $400 for a simple site with four or fewer pages. We also offer one year of free hosting.

Another example of our work:
LK Electric

Contracting: If you are an IT provider and you need assistance with your Mid-Michigan customers, you can trust PC Knights. PC Knights has experience with large facility networking, including wireless. We bring all of our own tools. We can provide documentation for liability insurance.