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Lenovo Laptops

    PC Knights desktops are assembled by PC Knights. We provide a one year warranty with our new desktops. We use all retail parts in our new systems. This means that the parts have manufacturer warranties of there own. This allows you to exchange defective parts up to five years after the purchase date. In our opinion the important reason to use retail parts is because they last much longer then the origional equiptment manufacturer warrantied parts you receive when purchasing a major name brand desktop.

Notebooks & Desktops

Lenovo Laptops

    For a new computer to be sold in the store, it means that specific model was researched and throughly tested before it was considered for sale. Every new computer on the shelf was opened, had its hardware tested, non-needed junk software removed, and in many instances the memory upgraded.

    All the used computers have six month warranties. They have an antivirus and word editing software preinstalled.