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Full Windows Reinstall
Basic Windows Reinstall
PC Rescue
Data Recovery
Hardware Diagnostics
New System Setup
In-Store Hourly
On-Site Hourly
Pickup & Dropp Off
Phones & Tablets
$50 - $99
$49 - $98

All Work is Guaranteed 90 Days

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Windows Reinstall
A Windows reinstallation is the removal and installation of the entire Windows operating system. Situations in which a Windows reinstall is needed would include but is not limited to: blue-screens, system freezes, involuntary shutdown and viruses.

The full reinstall includes restoring files, and programs once windows has been reinstalled.

All parts in your computer are tested before we begin the reinstallation process. If a part is found to be bad, we will notify you before continuation of any service.

Typically a windows reinstall takes 2-4 business days.

PC Rescue
A PC Rescue is a custom PC Knights service. Situations in which a PC Rescue is needed would include but is not limited to: system running slowly, pop-ups, display of error messages, or virus infections.

During a PC rescue we will test your computer's hardware, remove any malware 'like viruses', remove non-essential programs from startup, fix error messages, and much more.

Typically a PC rescue takes 2-4 business days.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery is a service we provide to recover data from a system that is no longer starting and won't be repaired. Recovered data would include but is not limited to: pictures, videos, documents, and music files.

In most cases data can be recovered from a hard drive that is even bad. If you have been told that data cannot be recovered, PC Knights may still be able to recover that information for you. However, data recoveries are not always successful. In the event that we are unable to recover your data, the minimum charge of $24.50 will be applied. Normal charges apply for successful recoveries based on amount of time taken for the recovery.

Typically Data Recoveries take 2-4 business days.

Hardware Diagnostics
A hardware diagnostics is processed when a computer does not start, or displays a blank screen.

The diagnostics is preformed to determin what is preventing the computer from starting. In some instances we are able to get the computer working with the diagnostics. In the event that an additional service is needed to repair the issue the price for the diagnostics goes toward the labor total for repairs.

Hardware Diagnostics take 1-4 business days.

New System Setup
A new system setup is the process of moving files, programs, and settings from your old computer to a new one.

A new system setup takes 2-4 business days.

Phones & Tablets
Due to quality of replacement parts and our 90 day guarentees not all models of phones and tablets can be repaired. Call or stop in so we can make certain your device is supported.

Parts for popular iDevices are kept in store. No wait time to order parts.

Phone & tablet repairs take 1-4 business days.